A gout attack can start suddenly, they can last for days and the pain can be debilitating. Yet, patients often suffer in silence.

Comorbidities in gout

Dr. Christopher Parker and Gary Ho discuss how gout patients sometimes have to deal with other conditions.

Who Gets Gout?

Dr. Christopher Parker and Gary Ho walk through the risk factors associated with gout.

Uric Acid 101

Dr. Christopher Parker and Gary Ho discuss all things uric acid: how to check your levels, how to lower it, and more.

What is gout?

Gary Ho and Dr. Christopher Parker outline the signs and symptoms of gout and describe a gout attack.

Introduction to the Gout Support Group of America

Dr. Christopher Parker and Gary Ho share how the Gout Support Group of America serves as an online community for those living with gout.

Gary’s Story

Gary has lived with gout for decades. Watch as Gary tell his journey of gout symptoms, gout diagnosis, and gout treatment. You are not alone!

Talking Gout and Myths with Dr. Christopher Parker

The internet can lead you down a rabbit hole of misinformation about gout. Listen as Dr. Chris Parker talks about gout and dispels the many myths surrounding it.

How Gout Affects the Heart

“People who have gout, compared to people who do not have gout, are much more likely to have heart problems.” Watch Dr. Chris Parker talk gout and the heart on a local news broadcast.

Documents and Links

Gout & Mental Health

Learn about the importance of treating gout and mental health.


Learn more about the benefits of clinical trials for gout patients.

Gout Doctor Checklist

Download a checklist to make sure you remember all of the details at your next appointment.

Patient to patient with Gary

Learn more about GSGA founder Gary Ho and his path to gaining control of his gout.

Your Gout Questions answered – Gout and Diet

Diet alone does not “cause” gout, but it can be a contributing factor. Read more about gout and your diet.

Helping Others after being denied help (Gary Ho – INvisible Project)

The INvisible Project shares stories to educate and inspire others. Click below to read the article written about Gary Ho.


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