5 Ways to Get Involved on Gout Awareness Day

May 22 is Gout Awareness Day. Although gout affects more than 9 million Americans, many people don’t know much about this painful disease. Help change that by raising awareness on Gout Awareness Day.

Here are 5 easy ways to participate:

  1. Share your story.
    How many people know about your journey with gout? Stigma can sometimes keep those suffering with gout from talking about their experience. Talk to your family and friends. Tell them how it has impacted your life and how painful the attacks can be. Gout is a serious medical condition, and talking about it can empower other people to share their stories too. The more people who are talking about it, the more others become aware of the condition and can seek the support they need.

  2. Post on social media.
    Gout Awareness Day is the perfect time to be bold. Join the movement and share your journey on social media using #GoutAwarenessDay. The Alliance for Gout Awareness has downloadable profile photos, social media graphics and suggested posts if you need help getting started.

  3. Make an appointment with your doctor.
    Gout Awareness Day is a great time to take a moment and focus on self-care. Part of this is making sure that you are doing everything you can to manage your gout. When is the last time you saw your doctor? Is your treatment regimen working? If it’s been a while, take some time today to make an appointment.  Your doctor can prescribe treatments that can bring relief. It is also important to talk with your doctor about other medications and supplements you take, even home remedies like tart cherry juice and apple cider vinegar.

  4. Pick up the phone.
    Do you know anyone else living with gout? Call or text them today to see how they are doing. Encourage them to get involved on social media and to share their own story with loved ones. Let them know how important it is to see their doctor if they want to effectively manage their condition.

  5. Join a supportive community.
    Connect with thousands of other gout patients in the Gout Support Group of America’s Facebook group. Surrounding yourself with a supportive community is a great way to meet others who are going through the same experience.

No matter how you decide to get involved, always remember that you are making a difference – on Gout Awareness Day and every day.